Saturday, November 30, 2013

MPEG-DASH in nginx-rtmp-module 1.0.8

The new nginx-rtmp-module 1.0.8 has MPEG-DASH merged. Documentation is updated as well.


  1. mpeg-dash is working with vod ? or just live

  2. Replies
    1. mp4 vod over http doesn't work well when videos have long runtime i.e. video starts very late

      any plans to implement vod with mpeg-dash ?

    2. I'm implementing mostly live streaming in nginx-rtmp-module. VOD stuff is usually handled by plain nginx. That will be something not related to rtmp module.

      However no such plans now. Only if somebody pays.

    3. i would have paid for this if mpeg-dash was supported by adobe

      hope someone else pitches in & get vod mpeg-dash done, maybe you can put up donation goal for this & various other things which are asked by users

  3. I am recording multicast stream with udpxrec.
    On client side I am using VLC as player.
    Problem is - VLC will read file length on stream load (for example 15s).
    After stream end is reached (15s) - VLC will stop.

    Is there any way how to deal with this?
    Thank you!