Monday, August 19, 2013

Camera auto-focus in arutcam 1.3

In version 1.3 of arutcam auto-focus support has been added. Video quality is now much better. This version will be available at Google Play in several hours. Please make sure you install the new version.

I have added camera selection (front/back) as well. The version number is 1.4, it will appear at Google Play soon.

Several people reported camera lock problems. Please post details or send me email about that problem.


  1. I'm facing the "unlock failed" problem since v1.3. There aren't many details I can give - it's just publish failed followed by unlock failed when I press publish the second time. After that, resolution and framerate are not being shown in the video settings, and trying to change them results in app crash (the UI is still working though, but without preview).