Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Updates and fixes in 0.9.16

Updates in version 0.9.16 of nginx-rtmp-module

  • New stat.xsl with smart byte counter and bandwidth numbers. Thanks to misiek08 for the contribution.

  • Fixed auto-pushing to cache manager and cache loader processes. Earlier versions used to write millions of errors when one of these processes is created by nginx. Now it's fixed.

  • Fixed exe_static and static pull auto-start. No need to wait until first network connection for them to start.

  • Fixed relays on FreeBSD. It's been reported that on some FreeBSD systems pull/push sometimes fail to connect to remote side. Now it's fixed.

There are two upcoming updates as well.

  • New version of VOD statistics in branch vod-stat2. Many people asked for this. I'm waiting for response on this feature before I merge it into master. It's now ready to be merged. I hope I'll have enough feedback to merge it until the branch gets too old.

  • Significantly improved version of HLS in hls-restart-on-audio branch. Many HLS updates have been implemented in this branch. iPhone playback has been improved. Fragment creation and erasing has been improved as well. I'll post more details about this later. You can try this branch and report the issues. I'm planning to merge it soon.


  1. I have checked out the vod-stat2 branch and tested it by redirecting part of VOD traffic to it..

    Till now everything looks to be fine.. more than 800 VOD connections and stats look to be correct.
    (I had to take the stats.xml file from vod-stat branch)

    Last time I did a short test with vod-stat branch but nginx was locking up shortly after few vod clients connected to it. Unfortunately I had no time to investigate why..
    vod-stat2 looks to be stable..

    If nginx-rtmp would also allow to serve mp4 video files to HLS clients (I do not know how wowza is doing this, something like on the fly segmenting) then I could completely switch to nginx-rtmp...

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Thanks.

    I'll post more details about mp4/hls later,