Thursday, April 25, 2013

Updated HLS in 0.9.18

New HLS in 0.9.18 includes the following updates

  • Directory-per-stream mode: hls_nested on

  • Automatic asynchronous fragment erasing. Fragments and playlists are erased automatically after timeout has expired from nginx cache manager process

  • Fixed iPhone playback

  • Introduced HLS discontinuities on stream restart

  • Three fragment naming modes: hls_fragment_naming sequential|timestamp|system

  • Two fragment slicing modes: hls_fragment_slicing plain|aligned. Aligned mode creates ts fragments aligned to incoming timestamp boundaries.

  • Max fragment size limitation to escape giant fragments

  • Smaller fragment size

  • Fractional durations described in HLSv3 specs for better seeking

  • Fragment duration and discontinuity recovery on stream restart

  • Always new fragment files, no fragment reuse


  1. Hi Arut,
    I want to store fragment files(not auto erase) but i cannot find directive that for work in nginx_rtmp module.
    Can you help me?

    Thank you.

  2. There' no one in the current version. I'll add it.

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