Thursday, January 31, 2013

No HLS cache

I've added the following line to HLS playlist


This disables caching HLS files on client side.


  1. I can't find this line in the playlist file. How can I enable it?
    Anyway, this module is really great. Thank you!

  2. The feature was not merged into master for some reason. Do you really need it?

    1. Hi Arut,
      I need it badly. Does it merged into master? How can I add it to my playlist.

  3. I have one problem when playing live hls stream on apple devices. If I stop playing the stream, but don't close the browser and I start it again few minutes later, it plays it from when i stopped it, not live.
    hls_playlist_length is set to 30s, So the .TS files, it starts playing is not on the server. So I think it is caching the video while it is stopped?!? This is what I want to avoid.
    Thank you!

  4. I'm playing the stream with JW player 6, i don't know if its matters...

  5. It has nothing to do with caching. Fragment life time is twice as long as playlist length. So please wait a little longer before playing the stream again.

  6. Now I checked out the nginx access log and I saw that my iPad keeps downloading the m3u8 and the new ts files from the server after I stopped playing the live stream for 10 minutes. And after I started again, it started 10 minutes in the past, exactly from when I stopped it.
    If it has nothing to do with #EXT-X-ALLOW-CACHE directive, then do you have any idea how to prevent this behavior?
    Thank you.