Monday, December 3, 2012

New live engine in nginx-rtmp 0.8

New version nginx-rtmp 0.8 brings significant updates in live streaming engine.

  • Absolute timecode support. Subscribers now receive consistent timestamps after restart.

  • Interleaved mode (interleave on): better audio/video synchronization, silence detector support.

  • Stream synchronization in 2-channel mode (sync 300ms; on by default)

  • Fixed streaming from FMS/FMLE (to be merged later)

  • Disconnecting idle publisher (drop_idle_publisher on)

  • Client notifications NetStream.Publish.Start/Stop (publish_notify on)

  • Starting stream with a key frame (wait_key on)

  • Updated stat page with more data and colors

  • Better performance

  • Better memory usage

New directives are described on directives page.

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