Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bunch of fixes

For the last couple of weeks a number of fixes have been commited

  • MP4 video stuttering - fixed H264 B-frame delays (RTMP has main timestamp and B-frame delay unlike MPEG PTS/DTS)

  • Access/Deny inheritance from server{} and rtmp{} level to application{} level

  • Added closing io descriptors (a kind of daemon mode) for child processes. That made error log much cleaner from unreadable ffmpeg output mixed with other ffmpegs and rtmp log messages

  • Fixed exec process crash when publisher closes connection at the moment of exec respawn

  • Fixed record_done settings inheritance

  • Fixed recording audio-only streams splitted into fragments (video key frame used to be the split point)

  • Fixed push/pull in multi-worker mode

  • NGINX-RMTP release build now writes clean and readable error.log with main events. Message level is info.

Several new features are still waiting in branches.

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