Friday, May 25, 2012

Relays & H264 in NGINX RTMP module

New-style handshake has been implemented in nginx-rtmp-module. It's based on s HMAC SHA256-signed random bytes sent in either direction. This kind of handshake is used by all recent Flash clients and is obligatory for playing H264 by such clients. Now both old-style & new-style handshake models are supported. H264 is now can be streamed by nginx-rtmp-module.

One of major features in nginx-rtmp-module is support of relays. Relays are needed for distributed data streaming. The module supports two relay models: push and pull. Push model lets you re-translate locally published stream to a remote RTMP server. Pull model makes it possible to take stream from remote machine and publish it locally. Relays are turned on with pull and push config directives.


  1. Dennis JacobfeuerbornJune 16, 2012 at 1:02 AM

    Does this project have a mailing list? I have some questions but I'm not sure where general discussion relating this project should take place.

    For example I wonder how to pass additional information to the callbacks like e.g. the client ip address. I tried adding "?remote_addr=$remote_addr" to the url and while setting a GET parameter like this seems to work and is passed to the callback the variable isn't substituted.

  2. No mailing list list so far. That's a great idea, I will create one.

    Additional params in callbacks are not supported.
    I will either support them or add as many params as possible by default.
    Thanks for your ideas.